Doug’s House

Providing hospice care since 1988.

Doug’s House is a five-bedroom residential hospice for people in the final stages of AIDS-related illnesses. Short-term intensive respite care is also provided on a space-available basis.

No one is turned away for inability to pay.


Doug’s House opened in 1989 as the first residential hospice for people living with AIDS in Central Texas. Its mission has evolved to include short-term intensive care as the needs of people with HIV/AIDS have changed. It is still the only HIV/AIDS hospice facility in Central Texas.

What services are provided?

Our team of social workers, caregivers and a Registered Nurse provide medication management, meals, personal care, and social service support. We also provide training on end-of-life care for residents and family members.

How do you get admitted?

Contact the Project Transitions office at 512-454-8646 or by email at and ask for an intake to Doug’s House. A licensed social worker will set up an appointment at your current location to determine if we can assist you at Doug’s House.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hospice care?

Hospice care is comprehensive care provided to individuals who are in the last six months of their lives. The care involves meeting the physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs of the dying person and their family members. Hospice care is palliative (comfort-giving) and hospice residents forego aggressive treatment.

What is supportive care?

Supportive care is care provided to individuals who need temporary 24-hour support. The support is focused on medical management and strengthening independent living skills and social support systems. Supportive care residents receive palliative care for symptoms that may be created by aggressive treatment.

Do all residents live at Doug’s House?

Yes. Residents must live at Doug’s House in order to receive care.

How big is the facility?

Doug’s House is a residential house with five bedrooms and a common living area. A maximum of five residents live in the house at one time, and priority is given to hospice residents.

Who is on the staff?

Doug’s House is staffed by a Program Coordinator, a Registered Nurse, professional caregivers and volunteers.

How long can one stay at Doug’s House?

Hospice residents can spend the remainder of their lives at Doug’s House. Supportive care residents’ length of stay is evaluated by their care needs. Stays can be as short as several days to several months.

Can family members visit?

Family and friends can visit 24 hours a day with the resident’s permission. Visitors may occasionally be limited if overcrowding occurs.

Is there a waiting list?

Sometimes. Hospice residents always take priority over supportive care residents if there is a waiting list. Residents are then placed on the list according to need.

What are CLAS Standards?

Project Transitions abides by the National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) in Health Care Standards. The 14 CLAS Standards are available online here and at the Project Transitions main office. Any member of the public is welcome to view the Project Transitions CLAS Standards binder to see how the 14 standards are carried out through our policies, procedures and practices.

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