Volunteers are the key.

Our volunteers are truly the key to Project Transitions. Since our inception, in 1988, we have relied on the efforts of community volunteers. From volunteer caregivers at Doug’s House to staffing all our fundraisers, supper clubs and movie nights at Roosevelt Gardens to picking up donations for Top Drawer, the good works of volunteers allow us to provide our clients and residents with the highest level of care and support.


Doug’s House

Our hospice program, Doug’s House, is looking for volunteers to work at the house on weekends!

If interested, please contact Rick Jimenez at rjimenez@projecttransitions.org.

Roosevelt Gardens

Our housing program, Roosevelt Gardens, is looking for volunteers to work with our residents in these areas:

*Teaching computer skills classes.

*Teaching workout classes: yoga, walking club, aerobics.

*Teaching nutrition classes: health and culinary workshops.

*Teaching coping skills classes and creating peer support groups.

*Facilitating creative writing circles.

*Facilitating a book club for adult residents.

*Assisting with board game nights.

*Supper Club(group volunteer opportunity)

*Baking cakes for special events and/or residents.

If you have other skills or interests you would like to share with our residents that would encourage a stronger community or nurturing environment, please contact us.

Project Transitions News

October 12, 2012

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