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All our volunteers must attend a basic orientation at our administative office. We will provide you with an overview of our organization and programs, go over policies and procedures, have you fill out some quick paperwork, answer your questions, then match you to a role that is best suited to your interests and skills. Those who are specifically interested in volunteering at Doug’s House will come back two days later for a second, more specialized orientation onsite at the hospice.

You will need to register to attend orientation (the schedule is below). To register, please click on “Volunteer Today” to the right and fill out a quick form or contact our Volunteer Coordinator at the main office or via email at: info@projecttransitions.org.

Please call in advance so that we can add you to the roster and have a welcome packet ready for you. Under special circumstances (work conflicts or otherwise) a special one-on-one or alternate date orientation can be scheduled. Again, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator for details.

Thrift Store Orientations

If you are interested in volunteering at Top Drawer Thrift Store, please give Karin Kokinda a call at 454-5161 to set up an orientation.

Volunteer Orientations

Each orientation is in a different location. The FIRST is always held at our administrative office, which is located at 7101-B Woodrow, Austin, TX 78757. Directions to the SECOND orientation will be given at the end of the first orientation to those who are interested in volunteering at Doug’s House.

April 2015

  • First Orientation – Tuesday, April 7 5:30-7:30 pm
  • Second Orienatation – Thursday, April 9 5:30-7:00 pm

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October 12, 2012

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